Caroline Borucki is a sculpture artist and slow fashion clothier who works with reclaimed materials, natural fibers and clay. Inspired by taxonomies of the natural world, she explores metaphoric relationships between humans and the earth-- regarding existence, empathy and decay.

Presently, she is building upon her interest in deterioration and waste, deciphering materiality at the Metro Transfer Site for the low-res Glean Artist Residency [2017]. She is an MFA candidate residing in Portland, Oregon for the Applied Craft + Design program, a collaborative program between Oregon College of Art and Craft and the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Her small batch garments are a sustainable and ethical response to relocate value for the earth’s resources, and to acknowledge the human role in producing wearables. A native Chicagoan, she was recognized in print in the Best of the Chicago Reader 2013, as ‘Best New Maker.' in 2009, She was chosen to participate in the Driehaus Design Initiative Awards for Fashion Excellence, upon receiving a bachelor of arts from Dominican University.


[photo courtesy of cory malnarick]